Akij is a motorcycle manufacturer in Bangladesh. Akij mainly produces electric motorcycles. In 2014 they started the journey. They currently have seven electric motorcycles on the market. We know that Akij Group is one of the largest companies in Bangladesh which operates in many sectors, Akij Motors is a part of it. Akij Motorcycle is the first electric motorcycle manufacturer in Bangladesh. At present, there is a demand for electric bikes in Bangladesh in the light of which Akij Motorcycle decides to produce electric motorcycles.

  • Durdanto
  • Durbar
  • Samrat
  • Durjoy
  • Ponkhiraj
  • Eagle
  • Sathi

The main feature of electric motorcycle is soundless and fuelless and environmentally friendly technology. Motorcycles usually run on batteries kit. the motorcycle is able to cover a distance of 70 km at a cost of 8 Tk. Motorcycles produce a maximum speed of 70 kilometers per hour. It is possible that in the future Akij motorcycles will gain a reputation for their quality products.

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