How to maintain a motorcycle properly?

How to maintain a motorcycle properly?

At present, motorcycle is a very popular vehicle not only in Bangladesh but all over the world. Many people nowadays buy motorcycles for various needs, hobbies, or even for professional use. But for whatever reason buy a motorcycle; it is a very favorite vehicle of everyone. So, almost every motorbike rider is seen to be mechanically different in the use and maintenance of their motorcycle. Because properly maintain motorcycles will be able to provide good service for a long time without any hassle. So we should all know about the proper maintenance of motorcycles and act accordingly. So let’s not know about that today.

How to maintain a motorcycle properly

How to maintain a motorcycle properly? There are 8 ways you can properly maintain your motorcycle.

1. Wash regularly: One of the first and foremost tasks of bike maintenance is to wash the bike regularly so that your motorcycle does not get stuck in road dirt, garbage, dust, mud, water etc. which could have caused all the damage to your bike. For example, the bike can be free from problems such as getting dirty, color loss and rust in different places.

2. Take care of engine: The main part of the bike is the engine without which the bike is completely useless. So keeping the engine good means keeping the whole bike is good. Regularly keep an eye on the bike’s engine to see if there are any problems. Make sure that the engine oil is being changed properly. If there is a problem with the engine, try to fix it immediately. If any part needs to be changed, change it immediately as it may cause more damage later if it is left unattended.

3. Cover: No matter where you park the bike, if it is not for a very short time, then you must cover it with a cover while parking, so your bike will save a lot from dust, sun and rain.

4. Keep the air filter up to date: According to the road conditions in Bangladesh, the air filter of the bike loses its normal function in a very short time and if it does not work properly, the performance of your motorcycle engine will decrease, so check the air filter regularly to see if it is correct. Then of course change that.

5. Chain maintenance: The chain of a motorcycle is a very important part which helps to convert the power of the engine of the motorcycle into speed power. So the chain should be checked regularly and it should also be cleaned regularly. It is very important to keep the chain smooth and lubricant is used to keep the chain smooth and flexible. The amount of lubricant should be given to the eyes after a few days.

6. Brake maintenance: Brakes are given to control the speed of the motorcycle. If it doesn’t work properly, there is often a chance of a major accident. When maintaining the brakes, you should regularly check that they are working properly and also check that the brake pads are working properly. Regularly check that the rear and front wheels are moving properly when the brakes are not pressed.

7. Tire maintenance: To keep the tires good, you must regularly check the amount of tire pressure. Also check the tire carefully so that it does not stick to anything like harmful large sand particles, metal rods etc. If it sticks or gets stuck, it must be removed.

8. Serving at regular intervals: If you want to keep your motorcycle away from any major problem for a long time and if you want to keep its performance as new, then you must service it from a good service center at regular intervals so that a technician will check every place on the bike and If you need to change something, they will encourage you to do it so that your motorcycle will be much smoother and more dynamic.

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