Summer Motorcycle Jacket Styles to Look

Summertime poses a challenge for riders. How do you maintain a good look and the same time stay cold with all the shimmering heat? A summer motorcycle jackets outstanding feature has to be ventilated. Ventilation could be in form of zippers or vents, or even both. Vented gear offers to cool the rider`s body as it allows free-flowing air to pass through, making it survivable and comfortable to put on under the scorching sun. Ventilated jackets could be; mesh, leather, textile, or a combination of the materials.
Let’s have a look at some of the Summer Leather Motorcycle Jacket’s Stylesso as to be able to choose the best out of the many.

1.     SummerLeather Motorcycle Jackets
Perforated leather jackets are expensive than mesh and textile jackets. However, it offers coolness, toughness and is good-looking, making it stand out among the types of jackets. Perforated leather jackets have holes that are neatly-punched on the outside that allow free flow of air against the rider. Considering toughness, some feature CE certified protectors and hard armor strategically placed on high-impact areas, that is, elbows, shoulders, and forearms.
In most cases, a Summer Motorcycle Jacket has supplementary ventilation offered by ports that can be closed or opened at will in the form of zippers or snap flaps.
A vented jacket on the downside is heavy and thick. Despite the fact that summer jackets should keep you fresh, you also need to stay warm. This rule out mesh jackets, while leather jackets stand out due to durability. Moreover, leather is considered protective against hazards such as road rash. However, a vented jacket that makes you comfortable is worth choosing.
Should a summer motorcycle jacket be vented or perforated?
Summermotorcycle jackets that have zippers and are non-perforated are common. They have an advantage of allowing adjustability for air-flow, though not as cool as ventilated jackets.
It is hard to turn off a perforated jacket that means woe unto you if end up in a cold or wet environment. A vented jacket, on the contrary allows you to regulate the amount of air passing through by controlling the jacket’s exhaust ports.
The ports are in areas such as, underneath the armpits, chest areas, the shoulder or back. Opening both the front and back ports creates an effect that allows the rider enjoy airflow around the body.
Another Motorcycle Jacket styleadopted by manufacturers to combine warm and cool weather performance is adoption of zip-off panels that allows removal of the leather which one can fold back. It is held in place by snap-closures and zippers, thus leaving large patches of mesh exposed underneath enabling the flow of air.
Best perforated leather jackets include; Alpinestars GP Plus R Perforated Leather Jacket, Icon Overload Leather Jacket and Joe Rocket Sonic 2.0 Perforated Leather Jacket.
Best vented leather jackets include; Joe Rocket Super Ego Leather Jacket, Alpinestars Jaws Leather Jacket, AVG Sports Dragon Leather Jacket.
2.      Textile vented jackets
These jackets have become common due to advancements in the jackets designs and fabric. The manufacturers are struggling to create a jacket that offers the same protection as a leather jacket but is still breathable and light. Textile vented motorcycle jackets are considered best by motorists since they are cheaper, lighter and come in unique styles. It is easier to place zipper panels and ports as compared to placing them on a leather jacket.
3.      Mesh Motorcycle Jackets
Their designs look traditional, but their textile is lightweight and made of mesh. Their form appears as standard jacket making it appealing to riders since they offer a perfect fit. They allow maximum possible ventilation by incorporating vented mesh fabric. They also provide protection. Armor that is CE approved is sown into place.

·         Alpinestars T-Venom Mesh Jacket
Its outer shell material is polyester and CE approved protectors on the elbow and shoulder areas. High-impact areas have an extra padded layer. Posterior protection is a foam back pad. It has a wind-resistant liner that offers coolness during the hot summerweather and provides warmth after sunset. For style, it has a front zip, snaps collars at the cuffs, collar, and waist.
·         AVG Sports Aero Mesh Jacket
Its outside material is polyester mesh textile. It is light and has CE approved armor on the elbows, shoulders and at the back, with an additional layer of padding on high impact areas for extra protection. The inner lining is softer and has netting that allows airflow.
It contains a zip-out liner that is not breathable. Its style provides adjustment through compression straps on each arm. The cuffs have snap closures that are tuber-coated. The jacket has a steel zipper that snags through the middle, which is not quite as soft. Its waistband has adjustable straps on each side.  Its stronghold lies in its light weight and good airflow. Its weaknesses are the neck not padded, snap closures and zipper connection.
·         Field sheer Mach 1 Jacket
Its price is much lower but has great attractive features. It is of a middle weight, and the mesh allows cooling. It has CE accredited armor that is removable. Its collar is padded and made of soft mandarin and neoprene that manages rashes. The inner liner is soft polymesh that enhances comfort.
The jacket`s stronghold is the neck comfort, stout armor, a lower back that is well padded and airflow. However, it has minimal reflectivity and cuff closures that only hook and loop
4.      Hybrid perforated mesh/ leather/ textile jackets
This hybrid jacket provides leather toughness at a lower price. On the sleeves and shoulders, these jackets have leather swatches. Leather may also run around the waist or down the body sides. Textile offers style and design while mesh offers perforation.

Choosing to remain safe and smart during the summer by putting on protective gear means sweating. You can, however look good while driving by focusing on particular features of a motorcycle jacket during the summer. The jacket of choice should be ventilated or perforated and at the same time keep you warm.

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