How To Best Plan A Week-Long Summer Motorcycle Road Trip In Arizona USA?

How To Best Plan A Week-Long Summer Motorcycle Road Trip In Arizona USA?

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast living in America you must have Arizona on your bucket list by now. Best Plan A Week-Long Summer Motorcycle Road Trip In Arizona USA. Arizona is famous for its dry landscape with perfect desert scenery mixed with golden land and green cactus. Most motorcycle movies use Arizona as a perfect place to shoot which naturally means that every beginner thinks of visiting Arizona at least once in their life. 

If you are planning to visit Arizona on your motorcycle, try to plan. Most people try to go with the flow but when you are traveling in Arizona, this might not work. Since it is a little warm, most people like it but you need to keep in mind that a warm climate can sometimes test your patience. 

Most people like the idea of warm so they dress up with leather without realizing that leather might not be the best option. Apart from this, the route you will take and the luggage you will carry all need to be decided before you get on with your journey.

With the help of this article, we will mainly highlight some of the important things that you need to keep in mind when you plan your Arizona trip. We will discuss the route along with the luggage option that you should carry on your week-long summer trip to Arizona.

Summer Motorcycle Road Trip In Arizona USA
Summer Motorcycle Road Trip In Arizona USA

Things That Are Included In Pre Planning

Before you start planning you need to keep a few things in mind. These things will help you know what you should carry and how you will dress up. Skipping these steps might impact the overall trip and its success as well. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is the duration of the trip. 

Since you will be on a weeklong trip, this means you have plenty of items and for all these reasons you need to have everything with you that you might need. Then comes the weather condition. There are so many weather apps that can help you know about the weather conditions and overall temperature in the area. 

Once you have all that in mind, then comes the clothing part. Based on the harsh Arizona summers you need to know what you will be wearing. It is much better to wear something breathable that can help your skin feel less warm and stifling. 

Arizona weather can be very brutal, especially because when you are on your motorcycle, you will continuously sweat and the sweat will easily get dry. Eventually, you will not realize that you have lost a lot of water and salt. 

This is where you will know what you will be carrying with you. Carrying food that can keep you hydrated and rejuvenated without making you feel nauseous is another very important task.

Summer Motorcycle Road Trip In Arizona USA

How to Pack For Your Arizona Trip?

Although food is really important because you never know when you might need to eat but keep in mind Arizona is a good place if you choose the right route. You will have a lot of food stations on the way where you can grab a bite. 

However, what you need to keep in mind is that sometimes carrying too much food will be completely water. Opt for something full of nutrition but not heavy. Energy bar, granola, chocolate, etc. are good options.

Then comes the motorcycle maintenance and your health. If you have saddlebags you can easily dedicate your saddlebags to maintenance and first aid kits. Since they are hard to carry and within your toolbox you might have some sharp objects as well, you cannot carry them around in your backpack. The best way to carry these sharp objects is to stuff them in your saddlebags.

Most people say that it is alright to wear the same clothing item throughout but in summers this will become a disaster. Make sure to carry a fresh pair of everything for each day, however, if you can rely on laundry that will be good as well. Fold and layer your clothing to make a cushion and then carry sharp objects within.

Summer Motorcycle Road Trip In Arizona USA

Take Away

To sum it all up, planning a weeklong trip means you have plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and visit all the places you like. However, this also means that you need to carry everything that you might need during your journey. For this, you have to find the perfect balance that can help you know how you can carry everything that you can need without going overboard. 

Most people feel that it is much better to overpack than to under pack and this is right in the case of road trips however, you can only do so if you have a four-wheeler. When you are riding your motorcycle, the options are pretty limited and you cannot possibly carry everything that you can ever need. 

For this, the best way is to know how you are going to balance and the bags that you are going to carry. This will offer you a vague estimation of weight without compromising your safety. Then you can easily plan on listing the things that you might need and finally you can think about packing all those things in a small compact space.

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